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Alter Aeon Area - Tenochtitlan the Aztec City

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Recommended Area Level:  34
Creator(s):              shadowfax draak
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
East           - Aztec Palace and Temple
South          - Lake Texcoco, beneath Tenochtitlan
Northwest      - The Aztec Jungle
Northeast      - The Aztec Empire
West           - Palo Verde region

The Aztecs are an offshoot of the human species.  They established a
confederation of villages along the headwaters of the Amagawa river centuries
ago.  The Aztecs lived quite peacefully until the arrival of explorers from
beyond the ocean.  Contact with them changed the Aztecs' way of life forever.

Don Milano had the following to say of the Aztecs:
"They are a savage people, barely more civilized than the deranged primates
that haunt our northern border.  Whatever finesse their culture might have
possessed ended abruptly when they first made war on us.  They are hostile,
reckless, and bloodthirsty--attacking anyone they perceive to be a threat,
regardless of age or gender.  They are also a superstitious tune
with the baser magics, but they lack discipline and ingenuity, which is why
so many have fallen to our swords."

Their once great empire has been reduced to a single walled city in the
middle of the Aztec jungle.  The palace in the northeast portion of the city
and the temple in the southeast portion are the most noteworthy buildings.
It is probably not unlikely that one would see oriental merchants in the
marketplace, for the Aztecs now trade avidly with the imperials.  South of
the city on the banks of the mud flats there is a village of semi-sentient
poison arrow frogs who still claim allegiance to the Aztecs. 

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