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Alter Aeon Area - The Northern Ocean

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Recommended Area Level:  31
Creator(s):              shadowfax ancalagon
Location:                The Alter Aeon Mainland

Nearby Areas   -
West           - Dargonesti, water elves beneath north ocean
Southeast      - Olympus
West           - Kitsune Island
Northeast      - The Golemist's Tower
South          - The fishing village of Siviri

The large body of water between the mainland and the northern continent is
known by many different names, but it most commonly referred to by its
simplest moniker: the Northern Ocean.  A myriad of islands await exploration,
and treasures are to be had in the ocean's depths.

A word to the wise:  the ocean can be very dangerous.  Ravenous and powerful
creatures lurk amongst the waves.  There is a good reason why those travelling
between continents decide to take the ferry instead of braving the ocean on
their own. 

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