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Alter Aeon Area - The Town of Zin

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Recommended Area Level:  36
Creator(s):              draak shadowfax
Location:                The Mainland of Atmir

Nearby Areas   -
Southwest      - The Zin Memorial Mental Wellness Center
Northeast      - The Zin Cemetery
North          - The Rogonian refugee camp
Southeast      - The village of Gumrooj
East           - The Dje Road

Related Quests -
Level 39       - Restored the gauntlets of perpetual burning.
Level 40       - Delivered mephit leavings to the Red Mage
Level 38       - Helped boost the morale of the Combine garrison in D...

East of the Aztecs, across the salt flats, is a fledgling
empire.  The Kings' Highway winds across the southern flats
from Daigaku-Tatami, leading to the garrison town of Draj,
western-most outpost of the Naginag Combine.  An alliance of
naga, murlocks, humans, jann and other races, the Combine is a
confederation of cities and villages all capitulating to a
single throne.

At the very center of the Combine is the town of Zin, a
commerical settlement rebuilt by the nagas at an ancient

Here the three major trade routes of the Combine, the Kings'
Highway, the Dje Road and the K'tinga River meet to form a
convenient marketplace and trading post.  Murlocks and humans
sell rare herbs, religious paraphenalia, armor, weapons and
foodstuffs in a veritable cornicopia of shops.  The vast
majority of merchants, pilgrims and soldiers of the Combine pass
through Zin.  It is also home to a variety of specialized
guildmasters, teaching everything from cooking to parlor tricks
to the martial arts.  Zin is garrisoned by the renowned Fourth
Legion of the Combine, the Dragonslayers.  Dominating the town
is the massive Temple, used by all the Combine's major

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